Exhibition Hall

Our exibition hall centralizes all of our exhibitors who are only able to be present for day-time hours. The outdoor hall is located in the west of the cultural village and is blue area on our layout. It opens each day until 7pm.

Full Day Exhibitors

We also provide space for exhibitors who are able to remain open until festival closing each night. These spaces are recommended for sales or game booths and is located east and south of the cultural village. They are the green and red areas on our layout.

Food Court

Our food court is reserved for food booths. Prospective food vendors must submit an application from which the Vendors team will review your application. If accepted, UVSA will send you an invoice from which you can pay to secure your space.

Booth Types & Pricing

All vendor booths include a 10’x10’x7′ canopy, lighting, business permits, and access to electricity within 25′ of the booth. Exhibitors receive 3A of electricity. Vendors who bring their own custom canopy will also need to provide their own lighting. Limited corner spaces are available for an addtional fee.

The food court area includes any vendor preparing food on-site. Food court vendors will received 18A of electricity (max load of 2160 watts). All booth prices include OC health permits for prepack and open food facilities. All open food vendors will have an additional 10′ of space behind their booth of cooking space for grilling or deep frying. There are a limited number of spaces with side grilling areas for an additional fee. Vendors who are deep frying must rent a flame resistant floor board for an additional fee and deposit.

Blue Exhibitor

Closes at 7pm each day
$500/ booth
  • Located in our outdoor exibitor hall
  • Prepack Food +$300
  • Corner +$300

Green Exhibitor

Open all day
$600/ booth
  • Located east of our cultural village
  • Prepack Food +$300
  • Corner +$300

Red Exhibitor

Open all day
$700/ booth
  • Located south of our cultural village
  • Prepack Food +$300
  • Corner +$300

Open Food

Open all day
$1800/ booth
  • Located in south of our cultural village
  • Deep Frying +$30
  • Side Grilling +$300


UVSA is proud to offer special discounts to registered non-profits or government agencies, game booths, and handmade crafts sales booths.

Non-Profit Info

50%/ booth
  • Must have proof of non-profit status; no sales allowed

Game Booth

50%/ booth
  • Games of skill to win a prize; no sales or distribution of information allowed

Handmade Crafts

50%/ booth
  • Handmade crafts only; no mass produced items

Sitemap – Lot I

The Tet Festival takes place at Lot I of the OC Fair & Event Center. The site layout is color coded into different areas and vendors may select from our Blue Exhibitor Hall which opens each day until 7pm, Red and Green Exhibitor Areas for those who wish to operate each day until closing, and Yellow Food Court for open food vendors.

Seller’s Permit

All vendors selling taxable goods or services must have a valid California seller’s permit issued by the California Board of Equalization.

Seller's Permit

is required to exchange goods or services for money on-site. Applying is quick, easy, and free!

Health Permits

All vendors selling or distributing food must have a valid health permit issued from the OC Health Care Agency. Food booths of any type are known as Temporary Food Facilities (TFFs) under one of four different types. 

TFF IA - Prepack

is required to sell prepackaged food or produce. Only prepackaged sampling is permitted.

TFF IB - Sampling

is required to sell or sample prepackaged food and includes poured beverages or unpackaged samples.

TFF II - Open Food

is required to serve or sample food that requires on-site preparation, storing, and cooking.

TFF NP - NonProfit

is optional for any 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Non-profit food vendors skip health inspection.

Payment Options

Once your application is accepted, our team will email you an invoice from which you can pay online via credit card or mail or drop off a check. We do not accept cash. Upon receiving and processing your payment, your invoice will be updated to reflect your paid status.

Online via Credit Card

Most booth payments are completed online using a credit or debit card. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

Check via Snail Mail

We accept personal, business, and cashier’s checks sent to our mailing address: UVSA, PO BOX 2069, Westminster CA 92684

Check via In-Person

We have limited office hours which you may drop off your check payment. View our office hours on our Contact Us page.

Vendor Application

Please complete this application thoroughly. Incomplete applications may result in a delayed response time. Application must be completed online via this form. Do not email, snail mail, or hand deliver your application as we will not be able to process it.

Fill out my online form.