Exhibitor (non food)

Exhibitors may sell merchandise, fresh flowers, share information, or be a game booth.

Food Vendor

Food vendors include any exhibitor that is distributing food, including fresh produce, prepackaged samples, or food involving on-site preparation. If accepted, UVSA will send you an invoice from which you can pay to secure your space.

Booth Types & Pricing

All reservations include a 10’x10’x7′ canopy and access to 3A of electricity within 25′ of the booth. Exhibitors who use the UVSA-provided canopy receive overhead lighting. Exhibitors who bring their own custom canopy or display must purchase a corner space and also need to provide their own lighting. Limited corner spaces are available for an additional fee. Prepack food has an additional charge for health permit processing. All vendors must provide an additional security deposit.

Open food includes any vendor preparing food on-site. Open food reservations include a 10’x10’x7′ canopy, 20’x10′ of total food prep space, and access to the following: dedicated power box with up to 6 outlets (18A each), restrooms, 3-compartment hot/cold sinks, and waste disposal. Open food reservations do not include booth walls, netting, or lighting and vendor must ensure that their food facility is fully enclosed. There are a limited number of spaces with side grilling areas for an additional fee. 

Seller’s Permit

All vendors selling taxable goods or services must have a valid California seller’s permit issued by the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration.

Seller's Permit

is required to exchange goods or services for money on-site. Applying is quick, easy, and free!

Health Permits

All vendors selling or distributing food must have a valid health permit issued from the OC Health Care Agency. Food booths of any type are known as Temporary Food Facilities (TFFs) under one of four different types. Each booth reservation which includes sales of any type of food includes the cost of one health permit.

TFF IA - Prepack

is required to sell prepackaged food or produce. Only prepackaged sampling is permitted.

TFF IB - Sampling

is required to sell or sample prepackaged food and includes poured beverages or unpackaged samples.

TFF II - Open Food

is required to serve or sample food that requires on-site preparation, storing, and cooking.

TFF NP - NonProfit

is required for any 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Non-profit food vendors are now inspected.

Payment Options

Once your application is accepted, our team will email you an invoice from which you can pay online via credit card or drop off a check. We do not accept cash. Upon receiving and processing your payment, your invoice will be updated to reflect your paid status.

Online via Credit Card

An additional 3% surcharge is added to your invoice total, excluding any refundable deposit fees. We accept all major credit card brands.

Check via In-Person

We have limited office hours which you may drop off your check payment. Email [email protected] to schedule an appointment.