What is Tết?

Tết, short for Tết Nguyên Đán, is the Vietnamese Lunar New Year, the most important holiday in Vietnamese culture. Tết celebrates the arrival of a new spring where families reunite, enjoy each other's company, forget about the troubles of the previous year and look forward to a better upcoming year.

History of Tết Festival

Since its origins in 1982, the UVSA Tết Festival (Hội Tết Sinh Viên) is recognized as the nation’s largest Vietnamese Lunar New Year Festival. Formerly located in Garden Grove until 2013, our current home is now at the OC Fair & Event Center in Costa Mesa. With over 200 staff members and over 500 day-of volunteers, the UVSA Tết Festival brings together an international audience across a three day weekend to showcase Vietnamese culture, food, and entertainment. Over the past 42 years, the UVSA Tết Festival has significantly improved in many areas over time, such as better displays of Vietnamese culture and traditions, and increased collaborations with local community organizations. 

UVSA’s vision of hosting the Tết Festival is to create an avenue for everyone to have a better understanding of Vietnamese culture in many ways: vibrant arrays of traditional food, traditional performance and entertainment, and cultural exhibitions.

About UVSA

UVSA (Union of Vietnamese Student Associations of Southern California) is a 501(c)3 non-profit, non-partisan, community-based organization founded in 1982 to bring together Vietnamese-American youth including students from different colleges and high schools throughout Southern California to build unity, serve our community, and advocate for social justice issues that affect our community domestically and abroad. Entering our 41st year organizing the Tết Festival, our youth volunteers contribute thousands of hours planning and organizing in order to help bring the festival to life. The UVSA Tết Festival serves as a vehicle to help develop student volunteers in our community to become well-rounded leaders with a strong sense of cultural awareness and civic responsibility to improve our communities. Over the past 15 years, UVSA has awarded over $1,500,000 of festival proceeds through community grants to non-profit organizations across Southern California.



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