Pho Eating Contest

Think you have what it takes to eat a bowl of hot delicious phở in the shortest time possible?

Balut Eating

Think you can eat more balut than everyone else?

Modern Dance

So you think you and your team can dance? 

Children's Pageant

A contest in which children wear a variety of Vietnamese traditional clothing and showcase their talents!


Food Contests

Pho: Don’t we all love coming to Tet Festival with an amazing experience? Don’t we love free food?! If you said yes to both, then Pho Eating Contest is the way to go. You’ll have an un-pho-gettable experience joining and you won’t regret it!

RulesMust finish a bowl of pho! No noodles, meat, soup, etc. in order to be qualified for the next round!

Entrance Fee: $12

Prize: 1st Place – Flat Screen TV


Round 1 (2PM – 2:30PM)

Round 2 (3:30PM – 4PM)

Round 3 (7PM – 7:30PM)


Round 4 (12PM – 12:30PM)

Round 5 (1:30PM – 2PM)

Final Round (7:30PM – 8PM)


    Balut: Would you like to eat something delicious to the point where it hits home back to our motherland? No fear, Balut Eating Contest is here to save the day!! Just by whiffing the smell of our motherland, you’ll have a balutastic experience!

    Rules: All contestants will be given 5 eggs. The first one to finish all their eggs will receive the grand prize!

    Entrance Fee: $8

    Prize: $8

    Saturday, 4:30PM – 5PM

    Watermelon: Do you all miss summer and want to take back the crave of the sweetest, juiciest fruit? Don’t you worry, we have a Watermelon Eating Contest! The juiciest watermelon you will ever have on the block.

    Rules: All contestants will be given a big slice of watermelon. The first one to finish all their watermelon with minimal spillage will take home a prize!

    Entrance Fee: $8

    Prize: $25

    Saturday, 6PM – 6:30PM

    Sunday, 6PM – 6:30PM


    Milk Tea: Our most favorite drink of all, not even water can beat the unbeatable drink! We are happy to announce that we are having our very own Milk Tea Drinking Contest. Bring your besteas with you to compete and have a delicious tea together!

    Rules: All contestants will be given 3 cups of milk tea. We will provide boba pearls on the side and are optional to drink with milk tea. The first one to finish 3 cups of milk tea will take home a prize!

    Entrance Fee: $8

    Prize: TBA

    Sunday, 4:30PM – 5PM


    Modern Talen Competition: Have you ever dreamed to be part of America’s Got Talent or the Voice?! Modern Talent Competition is the way to go and show your talents! Whether it’d be dancing, singing, or even doing magic tricks, don’t be afraid to show it to the world of what you’re made of!!

    Rules: For those who are dancing, they will go to Modern Dance, but for those who are acting, singing, karate, etc will go under Talent Show.

    Entrance Fee: 

    Modern Dance $0 – $40

    Talent Solo – $20

    Group – $40


    Dance – $350

    Talent – $350

    Sunday, 2:30PM – 5PM

    Smash Bros: Are you bored out of your mind and you want to play games to waste some time? We have Smash Bros, where you can play games and go against opponents who love games as much as you do. Sign-ups will be in-person only!

    Rules: There will be a total of 6 players each round and will last for 6 minutes. Winner of this round will move on to the next until our final round!

    Entrance Fee: $5

    Prize: TBA


    Round 1 (12PM – 1PM)

    Round 2 (3PM – 4PM)

    Round 3 (6PM – 7PM)

    Children’s Events

    Children’s Pageant: Would you like to show your child’s talent, but don’t know where to show their talent? Children’s Pageant is the way to go and support your child and/or children! Don’t be shy to have them apply and make sure to have them come in with their pretty áo dài, áo ba ba, áo tư thân, or other Vietnamese ethnic attire!

    Rules: Contestant must be between the ages of four (4) and eleven (11) to be eligible to participate in the contest! Contestant along with their parent or legal guardian must be physically present at Children’s Pageants. All contest participants will receive a gift for their time and participation.

    Entrance Fee: $15


    King’s Basket

    Queen’s Basket

    Prince’s Basket

    Princess Basket

    Best Dressed

    Saturday, 11:30AM – 1:30PM

    Youth Performance: Do you have a group of young kids who love to express themselves by dancing? Use this opportunity to apply for Youth performance! They will surely dance to the beat of our hearts!

    Rules: Group consists of no more than 20 people!

    Entrance Fee: $0

    Prize: TBA

    Sunday, 2:30PM – 4PM